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A new way to reach your customers.

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Craft an FNF campaign to excite your top fans


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Platform Benefits

Zero Brand Fees

FNF is completely free for Brands to host their raffles. Winners pay a reservation fee to confirm their spot.

Ease of Management

Fulfillment is handled completely by you in the same channels you currently use. For online drops, winners receive an exclusive coupon code to checkout on your e-commerce site. For in-store drops, a list of winners is sent to the retail location and customers must be on the list to purchase.

Excite your customers

FNF delivers an exciting experience to your customers by gamifying the purchasing process through raffles. Standout from your competition by offering your fans a unique purchasing experience.

Flexible Campaigns

FNF campaigns can be designed in many ways including 'Giveaways' that drive traffic to your social media accounts, a raffle for a chance to purchase exclusive products, or traditional waitlist reservations.

Upcoming Features

Brand Portal

The Brand portal gives you the ability to craft your campaign and submit it for review. Access user lists, campaign statistics and much more.

Customer Communications

Send communications directly to your customers with our Mailchimp integration. Announce your new raffle, status of your campaign or push notifications for new content.

AI Campaign Management

Leverage AI to craft your campaign messaging. Make sure your communications have the best chance of landing with your target audience.


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